Lighting up the road on our night ride

A pick of 6 of the best front bike lights if you’re riding our night cycle event.

Cateye Volt 800 front light
A high intensity 800 lumen output makes this a good option for riding on those unlit country roads

Approx price: £66.99

Lezyne Super Drive 1250XXL front light
Building on the success of the Lezyne Super Drive 1200XXL, this iteration offers an immense beam and spread making it a top choice for those looking for a bit of extra confidence when riding at night

Approx price: £74.98

Bontrager Ion 700 RT
A neat front light with a slim design but boasts a 700 lumen light

Approx price: £59.99

Cateye Volt 1200
It might not look pretty but the Cateye Volt 1200 is incredibly powerful, pumping out 1200 lumens. Enough to light up the darkest of country lanes

Approx price: £97.98

Hope R4 LED front bike light
With an external battery pack this light provides a very powerful beam. Its so powerful that it could be used for off-road riding. On a full charge the battery pack will give you around 2.5 hours even on the highest setting

Approx price: £128.13

Exposure Toro front bike light
The exposure toro is an exceptionally bright front light that wont leave you any doubt where the road is taking you. It will produce a whopping 2,400 lumens making it ideal for off-roading. This light also displays a battery life meter on the back so you know just how long you’ve got left.

Approx price: £194.99