Night ride information

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How far are we going?
This is an unsupported ride from Tunbridge Wells to Hastings on a 59 mile (94km) route following mainly B roads.

Where do we start?
We’ll meet at the entrance to Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre on St John's Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN4 9TX.

What is the start time?
Be at the entrance to the sports centre by 1am for a 1:30am start. That’s AM! Saturday morning, 1 July 2017.

Be careful out there…
Take care at all times. If you haven't done this type of riding before we suggest you hang at the back of the group and let the more experienced riders take the lead. Slow down, take it easy and get used to the lighting conditions before picking up the pace.

Look out for each other and make sure you acknowledge any cars or obstacles on the road. For information on group riding etiquette go to British Cycling

Taking responsibility
Tunbridge Wells Cycle & Social club accept no liability for any loss or injury resulting from participation in the night ride. Third party insurance cover can be obtained through British Cycling. You will be asked to fill out an ICE (incase of emergency) card, provided by the club and you will need to carry it with you. You will also be asked to sign a liability waiver form before setting off.

How do I follow the route? 
Follow the flashing red lights! The route is unsigned. However we will ride as a group with assigned group leaders, at times breaking into smaller groups as we head through the lanes. You’ll be offered a route sheet at the start and we recommend familiarising yourself with it. You can also load the route onto your Garmin by downloading the GPX file from Strava

What’s the route like?
It leaves Tunbridge Wells via Pembury along unlit county lanes passing through a few villages and small towns. Matfield, Goudhurst, Hartley, Iden Green, St Michaels, Woodchurch

Topography/Contours/Nasty bits?
Mostly flat with a few climbs at the beginning, until around the 54m mark where there's a good climb up into Hastings. 

Keep an eye out for wildlife on the road or crossing the road. As with potholes if you spot wildlife, notify the group.

What do I need?
A safe, well maintained road bike. A helmet. Lights. The sort that will last and give a good illumination on the road infront. It’ll be very dark for a few hours, and can be unnerving on the gravely tree tunnels. Bring a pump, a spare inner tube or two (and associated tools), and spare batteries, you might need them.

Any stops?
We’ll aim to stop and re-group along the route - a chance to discuss any issues or just take in the view (by torchlight!)

Please make sure you bring enough to eat and drink for the duration of the ride.

What happens if my bike or I break down?
There’s no following mechanic to mend your bike but fellow riders often work wonders. The ride is unsupported. You are on your own. If you’re in trouble, expect help from others but if you just get too tired, then you’ll have to find a lift or cab to get you home.

What happens at the finish?
Hastings beach & breakfast. The sea makes for a great wake-up swim.

We've arranged for a cafe (Poffleys) to open specially for us at 6am and will provide breakfast coffee etc. Here's a menu…

Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs on toast
Mushrooms with scrambled eggs on toast
Poffley's Big Breakfast –Sausage, bacon, beans, scrambled eggs and toast
Poffley's Veggie Breakfast – veggie sausage, mushrooms, beans, scrambled eggs and toast

Sandwiches and rolls
Veggie sausage
bacon sausage and egg

How to get home?
A few seasoned riders may turn around and spin back to Tunbridge Wells. If not, Southeastern Trains run a regular service on Saturday morning. More details can be found here:

Capacity is limited, so we may need to break into smaller groups to board the train, so allow some time to get back home. 

After the ride is over
Swim, eat, sleep, relax, and quite rightly slow down and savour the moment, don't rush. Take your time on the beach or head straight home as you wish.  

Be nice. Be considerate – of each other and the locals, by keeping noise down as much as possible. Please use common sense and be courteous of sleeping folk when passing through and stopping off in residential areas.


  • Do some longish rides beforehand … 
  • Pack spare layers of clothes, it can be very warm or chilly or damp or wet.
  • Money: Always handy. Phone: yes.
  • Tools: at least – a pump, a small multitool, a couple of spare inner tubes, tyre levers.
  • Make sure your bike is in good nick. Give it a good clean, lube and service a few days before.
  • Lights: you’ll need them. LEDs can last all night, but bring spare batteries anyway. Ensure your light has a good beam for those dark tree-tunnel lane stretches.
  • Saddle? Apply Vaseline, chamois cream or similar if/before your bits get sore. 
  • Carbo-loading works for most: a large pasta meal the night before.
  • Drink water before you get thirsty, snack and nibble before you get hungry. That way you’ll avoid hitting the spirit-draining brick wall (or bonk) of no energy.
  • Settle into a group doing a pace you like. If it turns out slow, catch a quicker group. Bit too fast? Drop off the group and wait to be caught up.
  • Swim at the end!
  • Use #twcsnightride if you're posting on Instagram or Twitter


If you have any queries about the TWC&S Night Ride and they are not answered here, please email