Join the Million Mile Commute

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Last year Red Bull and Strava ran a campaign to achieve 1 million human-powered commuter miles.  They did it in just under 3 months. This year they're determined to it this year in one!

So this July ditch public transport and cycle to and from work. 

Here's how it works

Connect with Strava and fill out the registration form to join the Million Mile Commute challenge.(Note: being part of the Red Bull UK Strava club does not automatically make you part of the Million Mile Commute)

Log your cycling and running activities in Strava in the month of July and remember to tag them as ”commute”.
(Note: If you join after July 1 you can retrospectively tag your activities from July 1)

Check Red Bull website to see the collective progress and whether you’ve made it onto the weekly leaderboard.


Red Bull can promo

To help you rise to the challenge this summer, every Red Bull Energy Drink & Red Bull Sugarfree 250ml can unlocks 30-days Strava PREMIUM.