Veloforte - real food performance

Veloforte bars are an all-natural sports nutrition product, based on an ancient Italian fortifier…Panforte. A blend of fruits, nuts and spices and a speciality of Siena in Tuscany.

Coming in three flavours, the Classico, Di Bosco, and Ciocco. The bars are made up of nuts, fruits and natural sugars. They pack a real punch without leaving a feeling of having eaten synthetic products, like some other sports nutritional products on the market.

All our recipes are crammed full of the finest ingredients. They are naturally free of gluten, dairy, egg or any additives & preservatives... making them easily and naturally digestible, free from any nasties.

The Classico is a delicious mix of citrus fruits, nuts & spices.

The Ciocco is packed full of chewy dates, crunchy almonds and enriching cocoa.


The Di Bosco is made of red berries, almonds, pistachios, rosemary and more. 


Each bar is hand-wrapped in foil which can easily be torn to give you access to one end while
leaving the other end wrapped. If you're looking for something that you can get at easily, they sell bites bags which will give you a sample of all flavours. Great to eat on the go.

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