PACE groups

Sunday rides generally operate with two pace groups, each with up to 8 riders. 

The groups are led by a designated ride leader:

- Group A: Pace 15mph / 24kph

- Group B: Pace 13mph / 21 kph

New riders start in Group B unless agreed with the ride leader.

The ride leader will aim to ensure the group runs at the guide pace unless the group agrees to go slower or faster.

Come Prepared

All riders should take part on a well maintained road / gravel / cyclocross 

bike with slick tyres to ensure they can keep the pace with the rest of their group 

(unfortunately mountain bikes are not permitted).

All riders should bring:

  • a cycling helmet - which must be worn at all times during the ride

  • clothing appropriate for the weather

  • a working pump

  • at least one replacement inner tube

  • tyre levers

  • filled water bottle

  • food / nutrition

  • ICE contact card (this can be provided by the club leader and should be carried in an
    easily accessible pocket in the event of an accident)

  • a mobile phone

  • enough money for refreshments or emergencies

Rules of the road

We ask everyone to ride in a manner that is predictable and safe and follow the highway code. 

Although we look out for each other, the club does not have overall responsibility for the safety of riders so please ensure that you select the right pace group, know the route and bring the appropriate tools, clothing and nutrition to complete the ride. 

  • The route should be downloaded, in advance, from the website to a GPS device; alternatively bring a printed copy of the
    route (also available from the Cycle & Social website)

  • Please do not switch groups once you’ve set off. If you decide to leave the group early, please let someone else in the group know so that the leader can be informed

  • Please arrive on time as we ask you to not join groups en-route

Communicate with your fellow riders of any road defects and hazards. If you are new to group riding you will soon get used to the signals and calls made by riders.

Ride at a maximum of two abreast on major roads and split into single file when on lanes and quieter country roads. Always warn other riders of approaching traffic. 

Do not overlap your front wheel with the rear wheel of the rider in front i.e. please don’t “half wheel”  – this often causes serious accidents.


If you have any questions regarding our ride please contact us using the form below

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