Cycle and Social has teamed up with local cyclist, runner, triathlete and fitness trainer Charlotte Fairs to run a yoga based programme that will:

  • Develop your core fitness for stable peddling, holding aero tucks and avoiding aches in the upper and lower back on longer rides

  • Strengthen your cycling muscles

  • Improve your mobility to allow a smooth peddling action and to prevent injury

  • Develop your breathing awareness and control to help you deliver the oxygen your muscles need

  • Understand meditation in order to enjoy your cycling more and to build mental toughness for hills and longer rides

The aim of VeloFit is to take a joined up approach that is as much about preventing aches and niggles from real life interfering with your cycling as much it is about improving your on bike performance.

The course is designed for people new to yoga, but will also deliver benefits for those you have practiced it before. You definitely do not need to be super flexible. The aim is to help you improve week on week. And to enjoy yourself along the way.

Charlotte will also train you on specific stretches to do before and after rides to ease fatigue, help your muscles recover and prevent tightening.

She will also bring mats and yoga blocks to support you, but you are more than welcome to use your own. You are welcome to wear whatever you like, but something that allows a range of movement and is comfortable when lying on the floor is advised.

With the end of the Summer season, it’s the perfect time to start building for next year!



When and where?

The course of eight sessions will run every Tuesday evening from 29 October until 17 December. Classes will start at 7:45 – 8:45

The sessions will take place at Bishops Down School, Rydal Drive, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 9SU.


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Individual classes cost £12.50 or book all 8 classes for £90.00